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Do you know your neighbors? ($100 Giveaway)

halloweencommunity2010 I am not the most neighborly person. I admit that, but I am not a mean mofo either. I am just very reserved and selective when deciding how much of myself I am willing to give. I am usually a nice person and I am sure many of my neighbors are, I just fear being trapped in situations I am not ready to deal with. I’m an introvert so there is a limit to the amount of people that I can process at once. However, once I get to know people, it’s not so bad. Knowing the people that I live around can actually be a good thing.

1 In June, Harris Interactive on behalf of WhitePages conducted a survey that revealed that despite the fact that most American adults who have neighbors (93%) say it’s important for neighbors to look out for each other’s safety, found that more of them can identify most of their neighbors’ cars (47%) than most of their neighbors’ first names (41%) and that more of them (27%) know most of their neighbors’ pets more than most of their neighbors’ kids (24%).

To me, this information is not so surprising and I actually had to reread the bit about kids. I feel that neighbors are still strangers and they don’t need to know my name and definitely not my kid’s with the exception of maybe those in close proximity who I’ve communicated with and, well, you guys. See, I didn’t grow up in one of those happy little neighborhoods that you see on TV where everyone knows and trusts each other. In the early 90’s the neighborhood that I lived in was pretty wild. I’ll spare details. It wasn’t until my teenage years, when my mom and I moved into a more inviting neighborhood, that I became a little more trusting of people and saw the power and good in the community that we lived in and the community that Greg and I live in today.


There are definitely advantages to knowing a little more about your neighbors… in moderation and I am learning to reach out more. Who doesn’t enjoy neighborhood gatherings and meeting someone who you are mutually connected to? Awesome right? WhitePages wants to help foster that.

WhitePages has launched a new directory called WhitePages Neighbors. It’s a free Block Party organizer and contact lookup product to help find the names and contact information for neighbors to promote neighborhood spirit, community partnerships, and local safety. If you are concerned about privacy, you can claim your listing and control what is shown in your listing. I looked up our neighborhood and found one of our neighbors. A few of the listings are outdated (because we’re getting their old mail), and we as well as others close by are unlisted. I am a bit hesitant to list our info, but I still think it is a great concept for me to connect with my neighbors. It’s just up to WhitePages’ users to use it’s Neighbors service with discretion. Check out the video to see how it works. What do you think?

Win a $100 VISA gift card!


National Night Out is coming up on August 2nd, which 37 million People participated in last year. In partnership with National Night Out, WhitePages would like to help people plan even more block parties this year to help neighbors get to know each other through organized Neighborhood Watch programs, block parties, play dates, and garage sales.

WhitePages Neighbors would like to give one Sophistishe reader a $100 VISA to use towards organizing an event where neighbors can meet and greet. The gift card could go towards a few toys for a playdate or burgers, hotdogs, and refreshments for a mini block party! What say you?

To Enter

Let me know how you would use your $100 VISA to mingle with your neighbors or share something special about your neighborhood/community.

Extra Entries

Leave a separate comment for each entry you complete.

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Comments will close on July 30th, 2011 at 7PM CST. A winner from the U.S. will then be randomly selected and announced at the top of this post. Check out my Giveaway Rules if you have any questions. Good luck!

This post has been sponsored by WhitePages Neighbors. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in sharing this information with you. All opinions (if expressed) are always my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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