Please help the @ConsumerQueen family. Their Oklahoma home flooded today.

Consumer Queen Flood
Melissa’s husband rescuing a neighbor from her car.

My friend Melissa of is in dire need of our help. Her Oklahoma home has flooded from a storm and much of her family’s belongings have been destroyed. They have no flood insurance and will have to depend on anything that the government will provide. Her family just moved into this home and recently had to take in her mom who needed their help. Melissa’s husband, Daniel @ConsumerKing, has Ankylosing Spondylitis, a degenerative disease that is very painful and can be debilitaing. He isn’t able to work and because of his condition, Melissa has to work full time in order to provide medical insurance for the family. In addition, she maintains her blog, forum, and ministry where she dedicates her time teaching families how to save money.

Everything under 3 feet was destroyed by the red, muddy, flood. Her entire house is going to have to be gutted. Aside from electronics, food, beds, just about all of the furniture, and clothing will need to be replaced. We’re asking for donations, whatever you are able to give whether it be a few dollars or even product from sponsors. All donations are going directly to Melissa’s family. So far, her family has been blessed with almost $2,000 in donations! Please use the power of Social Media and do what you can. Please spread the word. Your help and generosity is greatly appreciated!

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    That’s terrible. I’m sorry that happened. I’ll pass the word around.

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