Live a Little: Country Cruisin’


Last Wednesday, I woke up with an overwhelming sense of new. The weather was lovely, somewhere around 60 degrees. I could see my future in my now, almost within arms reach. I don’t know what it is about the sweet smell of Spring that makes me feel as though I could conquer the entire world. If I had it my way, 75% of the year would be Spring, 25% Summer or I’d be in Florida like yesterday. But my selfish dreams of leaving family, friends, and familiar surroundings for sunshine, warmth, and year ’round happy will have to wait. In the meantime, we will settle here in the midwest.


Searching for homes has become my latest obsession. The Homes and Realtor apps on my phone are often abused daily. Both Greg and I crave a home in a semi-private, secluded area, but still close to civilization. Privacy is something I cherish and I love being able to relax without folks watching our every move. If Jayden wants to run in the backyard naked or if Greg and I want to take a dip in the Jacuzzi (heeeey), I want us to be able to do so without wondering who’s watching.


Greg thought it would be fun to drive around town and take a look at some prospective areas. We hopped in the car and explored like how we used to pre-parenthood (we used to drive from Southern Illinois and end up in places like Kentucky). In that moment, we were back to being carefree, but as a thriving family… with much more road left to travel.


Linking up with Live a Little, a new weekly series at Skimbaco Lifestyle and Just Write.

How do you live a little?

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  • Naomi says:

    I’m slowly accepting our Midwestern home. Lots of good stuff outweighing the epic flatness! And all of those red barns are pretty alluring…

  • Kathleen says:

    Great photos! I too wish for a secluded place in the country, though I’d miss all of our neighborhood kids and adult friends. I’d be quite happy if we just had a secluded hot tub in our yard.

  • We must be kindred spirits as my focus this week was capturing life as well….we grabbed the camera and went out into the country – thank you for sharing your finds with me.

  • Rajean says:

    I’m happy to find your blog via #Live a Little! I also love taking drives and looking at homes, even if we’re not in the market. I love going to open houses. I like big red barns too and your son is quite handsome.

  • I love this idea and your post is gorgeous!

  • Shane says:

    Sheenz, So glad we are linking up!! I live a little by taking each day as a surprise and finding the joy in the little things. Sticky kisses from a 6 year old, the cat and dog chasing each other around the house and whatever else comes my way. One thing I haven’t done in a while is go for a drive in the country. I used to love doing that.

  • It’s so simple… but so refreshing, isn’t it? We do the same, we go on Sunday drives and discover new places, and talk about moving to a new neighborhood etc. Often we go home with full of ideas how to shape our life in a way we can make the move — and often we come home with the content “I like my home” and that’s a good thing too.

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