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Great choice of shoes! Seeing the little ones go about …

Comment on Look Who’s Walking! by Liz Mays.

Great choice of shoes! Seeing the little ones go about their business around the house after learning to walk is so fun!

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The Start Of Something New: A Cutting Garden
What a lovely start to a garden. The flowers look so pretty! Lilies and Dahlias were good picks!

A New Season For Family Time
I always looked forward to the extra family time outdoors you get to have in the summer. The egg hunt sounded like fun!


Playtime Over Hair Time
Aww, I like toys that help kids develop important skills. They have to be fun too, of course! These Lamaze toys are good choices.

DIY Toothpaste Box Mini Pinatas
Oh these are so pretty! I’d love to make some and fill them with healthy treats. Hello toothpaste sounds great!

Healthy Smile Printable Activity Book
Aww, I’m loving those little activities. What a nice way to bring some attention to dental health!

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