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Ha! Look at her go!! I don’t remember the exact …

Comment on Look Who’s Walking! by Rosey.

Ha! Look at her go!! I don’t remember the exact ages when my four walked. For me it was potty training for the 4th that was the big big deal, so that’s what I remember. He took longer than the others, he was scared of the potty, lol. Those are some good looking kicks. All of my kids have been in Stride Rite!

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A New Season For Family Time
gg hunts are the best. Your pictures are cute. I love when they’re little and get excited about looking around for their treasures. :)

Playtime Over Hair Time
My granddaughter is always over getting her hair done too, before we even start. ;) The caterpillar is cute.


DIY Toothpaste Box Mini Pinatas
Such a cute idea for using the box and making a craft. I’m going to look for the brand now too, just because I am curious!

25 Gift Ideas That Globetrotters Will Love
I need a luggage lock. I hate to have my suitcase open on the conveyor belt from being tossed around.

Happy Hour: Cranberry & Pomegranate Daiquiri
Pomegranate and cranberry are a good flavor combo. I haven’t had a daiuiri in a million years.

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