Salad Showcase / 13 Colorful Salads to Indulge In

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This spring, I decided to really get serious about living a healthier lifestyle. After being in a funk and fog all winter, I decided enough was enough. One of the things that I definitely need to improve on is the amount of vegetables that I eat. I don’t eat as many as I would like so starting in June (when things slow down a bit), I will be challenging myself to eat 2-3 salads per week. Ultimately, I’d like to eat a salad every day, but I had to fail proof the challenge a bit. Why salads? Because they are fun, fresh, and colorful! There’s just something about nomming on a huge salad that just makes me… happy.

I’ve started a collection of beautiful salads for inspiration. You can view them in the slideshow above. Soon, I will be filling up my Instagram feed with photos of my salads to hold myself accountable and to hopefully inspire you. Until then, I’ll be brainstorming on more salad recipes, a custom hashtag, and maybe a graphic promoting the challenge. See you then! Go grab a salad!

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