My Beauty Regime and Recent e.l.f Haul

mecrop1 I don’t consider myself a beauty know-it-all. I pretty much do what works and I stick with it. I do like to experiment with makeup, but my regime and “look” is pretty ingrained. In the morning, I wash my face with Apricot Scrub. I NEED to exfoliate to keep my pores open and breakouts at bay. I moisturize with Timeless Skin. I normally don’t use an eye cream, but I’m trying to make an effort as I am getting older. I didn’t say OLD… just older… and as you age, you have to start preventing some things. For me, I’ve worn glasses since the age of 5, and when I wear contacts, you can tell that I wear glasses. I’d rather apply an eye cream now rather then HAVE to pile on concealers and things later on in life. I honestly don’t have a preference just yet. I’ve been using a Corrective Eye Creme given to me by a friend.

As for makeup, I don’t wear it every day, just when I’m going out into the public. Makeup enhances my natural beauty and I love having a more mature and polished look. I like to look like I make an effort, yanno? So anyway, I love using e.l.f.’s Tinted Moisturizer. It gives me a natural finish without looking like I have on foundation. It contains SPF so I don’t have to use additional product. When I want a more “photo ready” look, I use Natureluxe Foundation. It goes on light and natural as well with more coverage. I’m in love with the summer glow look so I always use a bronze blush and eyeshadow. I alternative between Glistening Sunset and  Sun Glow bronzers. I use Sunlit Bronze eyeshadow. I like to line my eyes and use mascara to play up my otherwise beady eyes (especially in contacts). I usually use Great Lash Blackest Black and  Unstoppable Eyeliner in Pewter. I’m currently addicted to red lipstick;  Hot Passion. I tone it down with a clear lipgloss. I love having a rich color on my lips. I’m interested in trying a nude lip (it fascinates me), but I’m kind of OCD about making my lips pop. I find myself mixing colors if a color is too neutral.

At night, I wash my face with the Apricot Scrub and moisturize with  Timeless Skin. I apply the Corrective Eye Creme if I remember. I have combination skin and by the end of the day, it’s feels oily so I have to wash it whether I have makeup on or not.

Once a month, I’ll do a facial with a Mint Julep Masque. I grew up using it and haven’t used anything else. I’d love to have a facial spa/sauna so I may treat myself to one in the future.

Speaking of treating myself, I recently stocked up on some new e.l.f. products. I own a few of their brushes, love their lip glosses, and of course the Tinted Moisturizer. I needed some more of the Tinted Moisturizer and I added a few more things that I wanted to try. Here’s what I got for $32!


(2) Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
(2) Studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick
Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter
Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
Studio Body Shimmer
Mineral Mineral Lipstick
Studio Eyeshadow “C” Brush
Studio Small Precision Brush

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Here I am wearing Studio Tinted Moisturizer with Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation, Plum/Purple Eyeliner and Shadow Stick, and Party Pink Lipstick. The lipstick color is pretty and natural. It could be a little more bold, but I could get used to it. I’m thinking about picking up a pink blush to pair with it. I’m in love with the Eyeliner and Shadow Sticks. They are SO convenient. I keep one in my purse.


What are some of your favorite beauty products? Do you use e.l.f. products?

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