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No Fuss Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I have been too busy to even attempt baking a themed treat from scratch. So I’ve turned to a few quick and easy solutions that Walmart provided has us with.



The first batch of items we sampled were the Nestle Toll House Cookie Delight Cookie/Brownie Kit and Dark Chocolate & Red Colored Morsels. In true Sheena fashion, I didn’t fully read the directions on the cookie/brownie kit, nor did I pay much attention to the cookie brownie treat on the front of the box. So I thought I had a choice to either make brownies or cookies. I had no idea I was supposed to mix them both together for one treat. DOH! I have been goofing all month long. My mind is dithered.



Jayden and I made the brownies. We mixed the chocolate morsels in with the batter and made round brownies using the cake pop maker. We coated them in pink frosting and Wilton’s Sweetheart Sprinkles which we already had on hand.



It looks like we put a ton of effort into these brownies… these were done in just a few minutes!


 The next treat we sampled was the Valentines Heart Decorating Kit which can be found in the bakery section. 


The kit comes with 12 shortbread cookies, 4 icing pouches, and candy.


The icing was a little difficult to spread straight out of the packaging. It spreads on best when heated. You can either zap the pouch in the microwave for 5 seconds (be sure to watch it) or let it sit in a bowl of heated water.


 Here are some of the cookies we decorated. I think they are pretty cute!


Some of you may be thinking, “Oh my gosh look at all of that food coloring, sprinkle overload, and sugar, sugar, sugar!” I believe in indulging in moderation and the good thing is, Jayden gets more of a thrill from helping decorate than eating the treats. All he wants is a little taste and then he’s done. My kid is a rare breed!

If you are looking for some fun ways to decorate and enjoy some V Day baked treats with the kiddos, look for the items mentioned at Wally World. And if you are pinching pennies, wait until they go on sale post-holiday. I’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind ;-).

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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