• strawberryblackberrylemonade
    Food Recipes

    Strawberry Blackberry Lemonade

    The weather’s warm, and the berries are ripe! We’ve been snacking on lots of strawberries since they are in season at our local market. At $3.00 per large container, we can’t help but to grab…

  • P1000063
    NW Indiana

    Beach Day Essentials + Checklist

    This post is sponsored by Meijer. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Sophistishe! We are indeed in the dog days of summer. The temps have been rising and I honestly…

  • IMG_0139
    Food Recipes

    Summer Meal: Easy Grilled Jambalaya

    I'm all about quick and easy ways to celebrate the holiday without overexerting myself. Today, I'm excited to share a quick meal idea that will be sure to wow guests at…

  • IMG_9818
    Pregnancy & Baby

    Mornings With Baby Akilah

    I’m so not a morning person, but I’m learning how to cope at least. There’s something beautiful about mornings, especially when routines and happy babies are involved. I’m starting to cherish…

  • IMG_9552

    Saying Yes To This Boho Summer Dress

    It's officially too hot for clothes, but to peruse the city nude would garner stares and legal action, so it's best to settle for the next best thing in light of…

  • watermelon-salads
    Food Recipes

    10 Refreshing Watermelon Salads

    There’s nothing more refreshing than a nice juicy slice of chilled watermelon on a hot summer day. What could be any better? Well, watermelon salad sounds pretty delightful! I’m all about…

  • IMG_6408_1
    Pregnancy & Baby

    The Baby Swing Stays

    This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. Thanks for supporting the brands that we believe in! P.S. These photos were taken in April, which is why she looks so tiny! After three…

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