Handwriting Meme

I’m missing the good ol’ days when blogging was about having fun and not all about crafting the perfect post. Or editorial calendars. So I’m doing a spur of the moment handwriting meme, lifted from Jenn. I’m also embarrassing myself by showing my terrible handwriting. If you’ve ever received a typed personal letter from me, this is why…


  1. Name/Name of website.
  2. Left or right-handed?
  3. Favorite letters to write?
  4. Least favorite letters to write?
  5. Write this: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  6. Write these in all capitals: CRAB, HUMOR, KALEIDOSCOPE, PAJAMAS, GAZILLION.
  7. Write your favorite lyrics to a song.
  8. Tag some people to do this meme next.
  9. Anything else you’d like to say?
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is the founder of Sophistishe. She's a free spirit, rental rebel, curator of pretty things, lover of vintage pyrex, and the tropics. Sheena can be found in NW Indiana with her husband and two scrumptious boys, clutching kraft paper, chalkboard paint, sriracha and chipotle pepper.


  • Reply November 6, 2011


    Hey, I don’t think it’s bad. I like how you make your h’s.
    I also love your little stick man, too. :)

    • Reply November 7, 2011


      You are far too kind, lol.

  • Reply November 5, 2011


    Nice handwriting! I love the “everyday I’m shufflin'” lyric and the accompanying stick figure. :)

    • Reply November 6, 2011


      Not as nice as yours! Shufflin Shufflin (argh, I need to drop the g), lol.

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