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These Lamaze toys are great. It is big enough for …

Comment on Playtime Over Hair Time by Dogvills.

These Lamaze toys are great. It is big enough for tiny hands, no small parts that may pose a danger and it is colorful to stimulate a child’s interest. I’m going to get this for my niece’s little boy. He will have hours of fun with it!

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3 Postpartum Body Changes That I Wasn’t Prepared For… Including Bladder Leaks
I can totally relate. I have three children too and sometimes I get sad that I can never get my pre-pregnancy midsection back. My husband always gives comforting words, like, “Hey, you nurtured three human beings in that belly. Be proud of it. Be proud of those stripes.” Oh well. I am glad that we now have products to help us address the issue of bladder leakage. Although it was not an issue with me, who knows, later in life, I may experience it too. Thankfully, I can always get Always. :)

A New Season For Family Time
Most kids love juicy juice. I love that no sugar is added in the juice. Family time is very important.


Keeping Baby’s Teeth Clean and Cavity Free
Teaching kids about proper dental care at a very young age is important. I would love for my granddaughters to try this brand.

Happy Hour: Cranberry & Pomegranate Daiquiri
This one is looks really yummy! I want to try it on Christmas eve! Bookmarked this.

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