Messy Moments With Baby: Protecting Their Delicate Skin

Halo Swaddle Change It’s been over a month since the birth of Jaxon and we are pretty adjusted to having another baby in the house. However, having a new baby in the house has reintroduced us to the realm of messy moments we’ve long forgotten about… massive blowouts, loaded diapers, and milk spillage.

In our short time together, there have been plenty of messy moments which have required Jax to hit the baby shower frequently. The regular bathing and upkeep can take a toll on baby’s delicate skin. Not to mention how hard it is to get everything out of their fluffy, inaccessible rolls.

It’s so important to monitor those hard to reach areas to prevent build up and irritation. When bathing Jaxon, we try to wipe in-between every nook and cranny. Surprisingly enough, he is the total opposite of his brother when he was a baby. Bath time has proven to be a very relaxing experience for Jaxon.

During diaper changes, we check those crannies and nooks for chaffing and apply diaper rash cream only to those areas as a preventative measure. And to keep his skin moisturized from all the bathing, we rub him down with moisturizing cream. We are currently trying out new products from Baby Magic; Diaper Rx and Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream. They are inexpensive go-to essentials that keep Jax’s skin hydrated and irritation free, and smelling like powdery fresh baby goodness.


Tell me how you protect your baby’s skin or share one of your messy life/baby moments!

Jaxon recently peed all over Greg right after bath time. Jax had to go in for a second dip and Greg had to change his shirt drenched in baby “tee tee”!

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* Photo taken December 2nd, he’s so much chunkier now. He’s wrapped in changing pad swaddler.

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