Sponsored Video: Thieving Fridge Monkeys!


Samsung has really impressed me with their latest innovations. When I was first introduced to the Galaxy SIII, I quickly fell in love. I don’t think I could ever trade it for another device. I rely on my SIII for so many tasks especially now that I’m a mom to an infant. It’s even replaced the iPad which I let Greg have.

I recently caught wind of a Samsung commercial featuring one of their new refrigerators. It left my mouth watering for a new fridge… not monkey etouffee. In this commercial, monkeys spy on two neighbors in hopes of finding a Samsung fridge they spotted in an ad. They discover a home with a Samsung fridge with a bottom freezer and quickly raid the fridge for organic strawberries, veggies, pizza, oh and “coriander!” just in time before the home owner walks in.

I would do some ridiculously LEGAL things for this beauty of a fridge. It’s sharp, spacious, and supa organized. If we had this fridge, food wouldn’t get tossed all over the place to later be forgotten about. Jayden would be able to easily grabb his snacks. I keep saying to Greg that I am going all out on the appliances when we buy our first home. I am so serious. State-of-the-art kitchen appliances are one of my must haves when it comes to maintaining a happy household and mama.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s new Easy In – Easy Out refrigerator? Is it tax return worthy? ;-)

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  • Shannon says:

    I LOVE Samsung products. I have a Samsung Galaxy II (I think I’m going to upgrade to the S4 when it come out in April (?) I believe?) I’ve also recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I love it.

    I most certainly think that refrigerator is worth your money!

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