Sunscreen Wipes. I discover them *now*.

Taken May 2010 – See the sunscreen?

I have a grudge against suncreen. It takes forever to rub in and it is almost impossible to do when applying on a toddler who hates it. Jayden gets enough of being rubbed down daily with his Eczema remedies, so when it comes time to apply sunscreen, he throws a hissy. Because of this, I cannot throughly rub it in resulting in an ashy glow. *points up*

I received an invite to participate in a blog tour for Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes. I read over the key selling points. “Sunscreen wipes? Seriously? Paraben free? Water resistant? Why am I just learning about these?”, I thought. Immediately, I agreed to join the tour.

Daily Sun Protection Wipes are gentle and provide extra moisture, which is very beneficial to Jayden’s Eczema ridden skin. Using these wipes make applying sunscreen on my antsy toddler much easier. Jayden loves wiping himself with wipes, so I am able to give him a wipe to occupy himself as I’m applying with another. Now, he and I don’t have to fight anymore and he no longer has to walk around with a an unattractive white glaze over his skin. They smell good too; clean and citrus-y. Satisfied I am. Now if only his Eczema remedies came in wipe form…

Get your own Daily Sun Protection Wipes at:,, and

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Shady Day and received a sample package of SPF 30 Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes and a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  • every time i see your little guy w/his Eczema, I'm reminded of my son. He had Eczema, but not as heavy a case as your son. it was a full time battle w/his itching – especially when he was nervous. don't know how we got thru it, but I'll give you something to look forward to – as he gets older, he'll grow out of it. maybe some here/there, but nothing like when they're little. Years ago, I started Son on Cetaphil liquid soap for face & bar soap for body. he's 22 now & it's still working! :-)

  • Wat a great idea! I hadn't heard about them, either!

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