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Show off Your Home in the Best Light


Adjusting something as simple as the lighting and its fittings can give any room an instant lift, particularly if you’re looking to sell. With so many styles and varieties of ceiling lights to choose from, this guide will aim to shed some light on what sort of fixtures will fit your room and house-style best.  


Tier drops:


Hallways are the first port of call for guests entering the home, so welcome them with a classic or contemporary chandelier. They don’t have to be huge to make a sleek statement, and can suit all homes, inviting sentiments of period glamour or demonstrating a twist of modern chic.


Living in style:

Living rooms are the chill zones of the house, so find the balance between being dazzled or lulled to sleep in the armchair. A lightshade which throws light across the room from its multiple bracket arms and which can be dimmed can be the answer to this dilemma, so you can put your feet up in a style to suit you.


Now we’re cooking:

Kitchens require good lighting for the preparation and cooking of food. The last thing you want is to be fumbling around in the dark and unable to tell what you’ve made for dinner! Adjustable bar lights offer ample brightness and directed illumination to certain worktop areas, enabling you to complete those all-important culinary tasks when you have hungry mouths to feed.


Fine dining:

Dining rooms suit interesting and unusual pieces, such as delicately manipulated and cast metals and clear or coloured glass. These will reflect the light effectively throughout the room, and bespoke designs can be great talking points during dinner!


A little light romance:

Bedrooms can have a new lease of life with soft, flattering ambient lighting. Set the mood in master bedrooms with cool, domed uplifts or ornate flush brackets, which point the light at the ceiling and cast a gentle glow across the room. Again a dimmer switch can create a more intimate setting to unwind, or are great for reading a good book while tucked up in bed at the end of the day.


In the spotlight:

Bathroom lighting should be clear but not harsh, and able to safely cope with steam and water from hot baths and showers. Inlaid spotlights are practical and inconspicuous, and can be spaced out for lower lighting levels, or clustered closer together for more targeted lighting, such as inlaid by the bathroom mirror for effective ablutions.

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