6/12/11: Spontaneous Surprises


Stop at Marshalls. Pick up some candles, maybe some capri’s, and head to the park.

What really happened

On the way to Marshalls, Greg caught a glimpse of a big brown animal in front of Culver’s which he thought was a camel. Coming to a halt, “Whoa, did you see that? It’s a camel laying there in the grass!”, Greg shouts. We detoured and headed back to find that it was a cow with her calf! Our local Culver’s was having their annual 4H Dairy Fundraiser. So to celebrate, a local dairy farmer brought a dairy cow and her calf to the store front. Inside they were offering coloring pages and balloons to kids, and free custard and cheese curd samples. We didn’t know they doing this until we left, so we missed out on the goodies inside. Maybe next year!

Notice the expressions on all three of their faces. Ha!




After our spontaneous run in with the cows, we headed to Marshalls. Jayden played with toys and made a few dashes through the store. And I had an unusual wait to get in the fitting room since they were using smaller makeshift room while they remodeled the other. I came out with some cute tops for myself, two dresses, and a new pair of skinny jeans that fit like a glove. Jayden racked up too! Oh, and I got my candles :). Sorry, no photographic evidence!

After Marshalls, we headed to the park. We almost passed it up and almost settled for another which had too many people there. Too many for my liking anyway. When we arrived at the top secret park, the playground was clear. The area was ours for a good 15 minutes.





A small crowd of kids and a dog joined us shortly after. Jayden made a mad dash towards the dog and chased her to the parking lot. She wasn’t too thrilled, but she was very lovable. She’d come up to me, but she was really nervous around Jayden. At first, we thought she was a stray since she had no collar, but later found out she had an owner. Not that we were thinking about dognapping, lol. It’s not like we’re allowed to have pets anyway *sigh*.


So today was a pretty eventful day filled with spontaneous surprises. I’d say with little money spent, buuuut I got a little happy in Marshalls. To my defense, I’ve had to give away much of my summer wardrobe. ‘Cause you know I’m a mom and it’s time to give up the booty shorts… and I can no longer fit into my capri’s. Not one pair. But, it’s all good. Jayden as usual needed new clothes, so I couldn’t skimp there. I did save 50-75% off on all items! Umhm. Yep. See. :)

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