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Summer First Aid Kit


Summer break is here which means there are plenty of bumps, bruises, bites, and other boo boo’s on the horizon. It definitely doesn’t hurt to be prepared. I recently put together a summer first aid kit for the van. It includes a lot of handy items that we frequently use, most of which can be found at Walmart, save for my homemade antiseptic ointment and sunburn relief spray. I will be sharing recipes for those a little later, but let’s take a look inside of our kit.


Summer First Aid Kit

Bandages, Gauze, & Wraps
Baby Wipes
Antiseptic Ointment
Rash Cream
Sunburn Relief Spray
Saline Eye Solution
Activated Charcoal & Gas Drops
Allergy Relief Meds


For cuts and scrapes, we have bandages and wraps in a variety of sizes as well as some witch hazel, gauze, and baby wipes for cleaning the affected area. I made my own antiseptic ointment using witch hazel and essential oils. I’m working on a homemade cream for rashes and Eczema flareups. For sunburn, I made a homemade relief spray using witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and essential oils. For stings or splinters, we have tweezers on hand and saline eye solution for irritated eyes.

We tend to try new foods when we’re out exploring so to keep upset stomachs and other tummy drama at bay, I packed some activated charcoal and gas drops. It wouldn’t be summer without allergies, so you better believe I packed some allergy relief meds as well. The last thing we need is to be out all itchy and swollen.

All of the contents of our kit fitt nicely in a small Sterilite box. We keep it in a corner of our trunk out of direct sunlight. Now that our summer first aid kit is complete, it’s time to revisit our car survival bag – it’s still full of winter clothes and essentials!


What’s in your Summer First Aid Kit?

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