Sponsored Video: Toys “R” Us Surprise Field Trip #WishinAccomplished


Have you guys seen the new Toys ‘R’ Us commercial where the kids are on a very uneventful bus ride to the forest? Ranger Brad bores the students with leaf trivia and then surprises them with an enchanting trip to Toys ‘R’ Us. All of the children light up once he reveals his secret. He tells them that they get to choose any toy that they want and the children burst with excitement. They arrive at Toys ‘R’ Us and they all scatter down the aisles and get lost checking out the hottest toys.*

“This is like the best toy ever, I’m about to cry.” one girl rambled on.

“A princess is always loyal, and never gives up and always follows her dreams.” another girl affirmed.

The commercial captured the joy and essence of being a child. It reminded me of my childhood… how exciting it was to step foot in a toy store and come out with a toy. I remember my love for Treasure Trolls, Lego’s, RC’s, and the latest dolls that would emerge. Ahh memories. The girl who cuddles the plush Elmo is the sweetest. She is perfectly content and doesn’t know what to do, other than to keep on cuddling Elmo.

I am usually pretty oblivious to a lot of things on TV, but this commercial caught my attention and had me all in my emotions reminiscing on childhood. Does that mean I’m going to go buck wild showering the boys with toys? Nope. Moderation is key. *Oh, a little side note on the message in the beginning… I understand why they started the commercial at a low point (the boredom) to build up to the excitement, but I think it would have been just as great (if not better) if the students were excited to learn about nature. After-all, kids in that target age group actually do enjoy those things. I’m sure the intro ruffled some feathers, but I choose to see the joy. It’s still a cute commercial.

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