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    Stockpiling During Sam’s Baby Days


    It has always been a habit of mine to grab extras whenever I shop. I hate running out of essentials and take comfort in being prepared. When it comes to baby essentials you can never have enough as the little ones go through diapers, wipes, and clean clothes so so fast. There’s nothing like being on that very last diaper and having to run out to the store for more. Oh, the horror!


    That’s why I’m building up a stockpile of essentials for baby Akilah. She’s a poop machine going through several diapers and wipes per day, not to mention the laundry she accumulates from spitting up on her swaddlers, burp cloths, onesies, and sheets. Thanks to the folks at Acorn Influence, we had the opportunity to head to our local Sam’s Club to shop during their Baby Days event.

    Sam’s is currently offering additional savings on Pampers and Dreft products, so we picked up a box of Swaddlers, Sensitive Baby Wipes, and a jug of Dreft detergent. We were surprised that each product was several dollars less than where we usually purchase our diapers and wipes in bulk. We scored some great deals.


    Before I could make it over to the baby section, I discovered a huge table full of books. I wanted all.the.books, but I had to remember why I came there in the first place. So I only grabbed one; Bye-Bye Bottles, Zebra. It’s a cute story of a baby zebra weaning from the bottle and transitioning to a sippy cup. We don’t use bottles so it won’t help us in that regard, but the book is adorable nonetheless. The illustrations are gorgeous and I’ll be back for more since Sam’s offers them for a couple bucks less than retail.


    I honestly didn’t expect to save as much as we did (around $20) shopping Sam’s. It just goes to show you that you need to let go of assumptions and keep your eyes open for deals. Now that our diaper stockpile is all squared away, we can focus on food!

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