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  • winteris
    Celebrations Life & Quirks

    Winter is…

    Hearing the high winds and snow as it dusts the windows like so and opening the door in the morning and finding that it will only open halfway and stepping outside…

  • tree2011
    Life & Quirks

    Christmas Traditions I Remember

    As I head out to visit family this week for a celebration, I think about past Christmases we had together… when I was a little girl. I remember Christmas dinners at…

  • hisgratitude
    Life & Quirks Social Good

    His Gratitude

    As we pack Halloween away, and transition to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s time to welcome a season of giving and gratitude. We have so much in our home that we are…

  • autumnleaves


    Sophistishe’s gone “October”. Refresh if you don’t see the subtle changes in the header, background, and bio box in the sidebar :). I added a few details throughout for Halloween and…

  • fallleavesshed
    Life & Quirks

    Autumn is…

    Watching tree leaves fade into beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown Drinking warm beverages infused with pumpkin and spice Looking out the window and seeing this Frolicking in the…

  • powerwheels
    Kids Life & Quirks

    Living Feels Good

    I’ve been blogging less it seems. Once or twice every 10 days. My internal blogging alarm is naturally set to do so. And there’s a reason for that. I’ve been living…

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