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50′s Day Dapper

50′s Day Dapper

Yesterday was the 50th day of school. In celebration, the kids dressed up and had a Sock Hop. Poodle skirts and hair ties were suggested for the girls, white tees and jeans for the guys. Bore. Snore. Definitely not what I had in mind. Here’s the outfit I quickly put together. He absolutely loved it!Continue Reading

And just like that…

And just like that…

He’s off to Kindergarten. 1. Obligatory 1st day of school shot. / 2. Walking to the entrance. / 3 & 4. Getting settled in class.  1. Obligatory 1st day of school shot. / 2. Posing after school in his bedroom. / 3 & 4. After school FaceTime with great-grandma.

Juicy’s Buzz Cut & A Reflection On Growth

Juicy’s Buzz Cut & A Reflection On Growth

When Jayden was a baby, he went bald. All that was left were bangs and I stressed out about his lack of hair all.of.the.time. “When is it gonna grow back? My baby is bald. Oh noes.” Eventually, it grew back. And it’s been cut a few times in-between. Jaxon (aka Juicy) was born with moreContinue Reading

Jayden’s Baby

Jayden’s Baby

Jayden spent the weekend with his Nana (great grandma) and he started to miss baby. – – – “Jayden was looking at pictures on the computer and when I looked at him he had tears in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was looking at his baby. He saidContinue Reading

Today At The Doctor

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. Today Boogie had another well visit and he is doing really good. He got a little fussy in the lobby so I had to take him to an exam room to nurse him. Shortly after, the pediatrician was ready for us. Usually he sleeps during his visits, but todayContinue Reading

Flashback Friday: The Beginning of True Love

This post, written by Greg, originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. I see Tanyetta doing these all the time, so I kind of stole her idea. Tanyetta, you don’t mind do you? No? Ok good, so here we go! This picture was taken at my brother’s and cousin’s birthday party at a skating rink in September 2001.Continue Reading

The Day You Pooped On Mommy At Walmart

Dear Boogie, I want to share with you something that you may not remember, because you were only a month old. It was on the day of Monday May 26th 2008, Memorial Day. Daddy and I had just finished up our grocery shopping at Walmart and were checking out while chatting with the cashier aboutContinue Reading

Oh, I Thought You Meant The “Other” Push!

This is a post written by Greg which originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. It’s 4AM in the morning and I’m wide awake. Why? Because Boogie’s wide awake. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before, but just in case anyone missed it, Boogie’s sleeping patterns are backwards. He sleeps throughout the day for the most part, butContinue Reading

Update On Boogie, It’s About Time!

Now that things have calmed down a little, it’s time for an update on Boogie who will be one month old on May 26th! I can’t believe our little man is almost a whole month old! Time surely does fly! On May 2nd, Boogie made tears. On May 6th, Boogie had his 1 week checkContinue Reading

Wordless Wednesday: Feeding Boogie

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com.

Our Week In Chicago

This is a post written by Greg which originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. So we’ve been in Chicago since Monday to visit family so that they too can welcome Boogie into the world, and now we’re at the tail end of our mini vacation. Before we made our way to Chicago, we talked about spending everyContinue Reading

The Baby Blues Have Subsided…

So all it took was a talk with Daddy and words of comfort in the form of comments and emails and I am feeling better. I’ve learned to relax, however it still kind of worries me when I don’t get enough accomplished. It just makes me feel good when I get things done. So whatContinue Reading

Mother’s Day Gifts Galore!

This post originally appeared on MommyDaddyBlog.com. Happy Mother’s Day! I had the best Mother’s Day ever. I spent the day snuggling with Daddy and Boogie! Things have been so hectic around here, so we just wanted to relax. I had written a post this morning regarding my Baby Blues (which I’ll now be postponing untilContinue Reading

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