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Tuesday’s Mini Playdate

Tuesday’s mini playdate was a success! Why mini? Well, because there were 10 kids missing. Whoa, right? But families go on vacations, kids get sick, and important errands must be run. Such is life during the busy summer months. But I’m looking forward to getting together with more of our group in the next weekContinue Reading

Playdate Prep

So it’s almost time for the playdate that I’m planning and I’m so excited and kind of worried. The weather forecast for next Tuesday is 83 degrees with a 20-40% chance of rain, depending on the source. Depending on the severity, it won’t be a big deal since the kids will be in and outContinue Reading

Playdate Place: A Great Resource For Playdate Planning

Playdates are something that I never considered attending until being introduced to a group by a friend. I mean it wasn’t an organized VIP play group, so stop rolling your eyes, but just an awesome group of local friends getting together with their kids :). We usually gathered once a week or as often asContinue Reading

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