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    Another server upgrade. Please excuse the mess.

    I’ve upgraded my server once again. This time to a managed VPS because I just couldn’t get down with an unmanaged VPS. I have very little time to troubleshoot and fix things things and after waking up to problem after problem after problem (when I should have been writing), I switched to a managed VPS.

    On an unmanaged VPS you:
    – Are responsible for installing and modifying software via SSH.
    – Are responsible for troubleshooting said software and goofups.
    – Are responsible for backing up your entire VPS elsewhere… like Amazon EC2, which costs extra $.
    – Only receive support on machine related issues. So if you have WordPress, CPanel, etc. problems, consider yourself on your own.

    I thought I was ready to wear the big girl panties, but with this baby due any day (he’s getting lower and lower), I just couldn’t. I’d just die if my blogs blew up in the midst of labor, lol. One day, I hope to build my very own server.

    If the blog looks physically off, it’s because my Headway theme threw up “leafs” all over the place when today’s problems took place and I’m trying to repair the damage by upgrading to the latest version. If I owe you something, please, pretty please, be patient while I work on outstanding emails and posts.

    Thank you kindly :-).

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