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    Nails to the Yeah! & Some Changes

    Okay, so I have been trying to get this post out for days, but recent happenings and revelations that have reassured me that I am making the best decision have kept me from writing this post, LOS (laughing in silence). I have decided to make Nails to the Yeah! less intense. It’ll be more of “my thing” and hopefully it will continue to inspire women to pamper themselves. There will no longer be a linkup, though, because I just can’t handle it. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be and I have seriously been stalking folks trying to get them to link up. The reality is that it’s not easy to get people involved in things that require more than a comment. Building a successful linkup takes time. Time that I currently don’t have to devote on beloved nail polish.

    So while I am salty that only 6 people linked up last month (ok that was more than every other month), I appreciate all of you who have played along, tweeted, facebooked, and had NTTY on the brain. Oh, and Julep who offered to provide monthly prizes for the linkup. You all really made me happy. As promised, I have drawn a random winner from last month’s linkup to receive some Julep goodies and the winner is Shalanda! Shalanda, I will be in touch shortly :).

    So. Nails to the Yeah! will happen when it happens. I’ll share my nails whenever I feel like it without feeling a pressure to do so on a set schedule, without wondering if people are going to link up. I understand. I get it. We are all busy and I am too, which is why I had to stop creating extra work for myself. It’s my mantra for 2012. Universe knows I’m going to need all the free time I can get now that I’ve decided to step up my businesses, acts of self-love, and motherly and wifely duties.

    And this wouldn’t be a Nails to the Yeah! post if I didn’t show you my latest creation. So here are my lucky toes for March. I should have cleaned up the edges before taking the picture. It really bothers me, but I need to let go and surrender to imperfection. Tutorial soon :).


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