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This is such a great idea to capture and savor …

Comment on The Tatums Go To Disney: A Photo Book Made Just For Us by Kim.

This is such a great idea to capture and savor your Disney moments forever. You’ve given me a good idea for my upcoming trip. It will be our first as a family :) can’t wait.

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Pamper Me Pixie
So cute! I love her name. I only have a girl. My sister has a boy who is now two, and I told myself I do not think I can handle a boy lol. Girls and moms have a special bond. My daughter is so girly just like me. I love it.

Stepping Out
I was on Zappos today! I was looking for some stacked heel sandals. Your daughter’s dress is so cute! I love the jellies.


May 2016: Prepping Our Square Foot Garden
1. Your son is so cute!
2. I read “I tried pollinating it myself.” It reminded me of my mom who has tried it, and then advised me to do it. I do not have a green thumb. Do you think it got done? Nope!

Grad Gift: Cat Ear Headphones From Brookstone
I’m looking at your face like ‘I KNOW this woman!’ Hi Sheena! We follow each other on IG.

I LOVE those headphones. They are too cute. My daughter would take them from me if I’d gotten them lol.

Holding On To The Teeny Diaper Days
Our daughter is now 4. I miss her being small, cuddling with her, and nursing her. I can’t pinpoint anything…. wait, last year an infographic came out showing what the flaps on the shoulders of onesies are for. Now, that, I didn’t know.

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