Teaching Our Toddler How To Write


Jayden loves him some numbas and lettas so much so that he incorporates counting and identifying letters every chance that he gets. He also asks Greg and I to write them out for him and often refuses to try on his own (excluding the number 1). Treating Mommy and Daddy like his little puppets is his specialty. He expects us to do everything for him. But frankly, I’m tired of being his numba and letta powerhouse, writing at every whine.

It would be uber cool to be able to brag about my almost 3-year-old who writes his letters and numbers ever-so-perfectly. But for the sake of independence more importantly, I think I’m going to pursue handwriting lessons full force. So I’m forcing my boy to man up a little, lol, which will essentially prepare him for academic success. Tough love? Nah.

THROWBACK! Jay counting rocks last June

At what age did your child start learning how to write? What resources worked best for him/her?

Number and letter worksheets from First School.

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  • Joy says:

    I can’t wait to start trying with my DD. She is only 17 mos right now. You son is adorable.

    Hope you can stop by and follow my blog. I can’t wait to read more of yours.

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  • That’s really cute! My son is 3-years-old and enjoys tracing his letters and numbers a lot. He does it at preschool and we do it a lot at home as well. I think it’ll be great if you teach Jayden how to write now. It’ll be fun and educational for him. Gotta love that!

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  • Drea says:

    oh and heres a link to some cursive calebs done



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  • Kristina Brooke says:

    He is so cute!
    May started writing when she was about 3, but not because she was a prodigy. From the moment she could hold a crayon with strength we had her copying letters and numbers. But there are so many things you can do if he is reluctant to use a pencil. Do a google search for “Paint Bag Writing”. Also look up “handwriting without tears.” Read up on that and you can make your own worksheets.

    And most importantly, be patient. He will learn.

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  • Drea says:

    With Caleb he didnt really do much writing until age 4 – and at that age I really pushed him to do it.. he knew his letters earlier than that, but writing is hard for boys I found.

    Id let him do worksheets similar to what you have here.
    Another way to get them to write is to fill a baking tray full of flour or dirt, and let them write letters using their finger. Its messy but fun and easier for them at this age – since it doesnt involve holding a pencil, but more so just a hand :)

    Taite is 4 and is writing some now but isnt good – he can write his name in all caps, but thats about it, unless I really push him.. id rather not push him to much tho, because i think if u do it to much to soon, it has negative affects.

    Caleb now at 6 writes cursive! and beautifully I must add :)
    we decided to start him in kindergarten with cursive more so than print – he knows print and can read print, but he also can read cursive and prefers it.

    We used ABEKA curriculum to teach him cursive and print :)

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  • Jade says:

    That’s so sweet. My little guy isn’t there yet but oh man I’m ready. Bring it. I can handle the cuteness

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