The Obligatory “New Digs” Post

My blog is finally pleasing to my eyes excluding the pages (I’ll fix them when I have a chance). In the past months, I’ve just been too busy and tired to be creative. I’ve finally had the opportunity to spend some sleepless nights making design tweaks. The new look and functionality will help me feel better about blogging. I mean I love my blog, I just have been dealing with a dilemma. So when I have some reviews whether it’s one or two at once that need (as in months overdue needed) to be posted (when I haven’t written about my life lately because I don’t want to), they’ll have their own lil’ section (so I can be fair to those who’ve sent product and readers who don’t want to get smacked back to back with reviews and so I don’t have to feel like I have to put filler posts in-between those review posts because it’s lame and obvious). I care too much about what people think, don’t I?

In the future, I see myself posting every 2-3 days for therapy, but I have to wrap up some things behind the scenes.

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