Tophatter: Live Auctions for Lovers of Vintage & Fashion!

I absolutely love shopping for vintage treasures. I love looking for items that are unique and remind me of my childhood. There’s just something comforting about having pieces in my home that my grandmother and mother used to own. I shop garage/yard sales, thrift stores, Bananza, and Ebay for unique vintage finds, but I recently found another go-to spot, called Tophatter! I signed up for an account not knowing what to expect. I thought it would be just another one of those things, yanno? And then I saw the lovelies featured in an Estate Sale auction… so now I’m going to stick around!

Auctions on Tophatter take place daily in every category imaginable from Craft Supplies, Fashion, Home Décor, and Jewelry to Vintage and Antiques. Each auction is live, like a virtual shopping party. You can chat with fellow attendees (if that’s your thing) as you watch the bidding take place. I’m not sure if I’m for that feature seeing how it would open the door to abuse and off topic conversation, but I’m sure that this is something that’ll probably be addressed in the near future.

Below are some of my finds from Tophatter as well as a $5 credit for you to explore Tophatter for yourself!

Luck of a Sparrow Necklace starting at $8

Cashmere Ruffle Throw Pillow starting at $17

Pyrex Town & Country Cinderella Nesting Bowl Set sold for $17

Tophatter has agreed to offer Sophistishe shoppers a free $5 credit to spend as a welcome. So take the freebie and check it out! You never know what you might discover!

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