Twitter Killed The Personal Post… Mine At Least

Once upon a time, I used to write nonsensical posts about my life; things Greg and I did, my pets that I loved dearly, stuff I bought, photos I had taken. Sometimes immaturely written.

Point is, that time was before I became a mother. I had a lot of time on my hands. I’d stay up ’til insane hours, especially during the summer working on my blog, bettering it ’til I couldn’t better it no more. I commented on other blogs…a lot. Blogging sure was fun. Spotlight did.not.matter.

I come from the type of blogging that was straight forward. Today, I’m feeling this. I did this today and tomorrow this may happen.

As I matured and entered motherhood, I started running into the creative types. Complete thoughts, poetic rhythms, reflections, and life lessons. I felt my blog was a pretty face; kinda hollow on the inside. Throughout the years, I’ve always managed to dress my blogs in snazzy layouts and themes, but I never laced them with the substance of the written word.

I received a passing grade in Creative Writing, but I honestly believe that I failed. I hated the class, absolutely. I felt forced to unfold, when ultimately, I lacked the courage and maturity that I possess today to do so. To Whom It Concerns by Darlene Conner is a perfect example.

I often feel like I have to write posts of substance or provide some sort of OMG, thanks I really needed that! info. Otherwise, I should just blurt thoughts out willy nilly on Twitter. Yanno, because people need a reason to visit my blog; give it a nod. And Twitter blurts aren’t the same as blog posts. Fodder…yes. Hmm. I need to remember to write for me first and foremost, divulging only what I truly want to, even if my thoughts never make any sense. Eventually they will, so I will continue to write, coherent or not, instead of letting Twitter archive my personality.

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  • crystal says:

    I miss when we were like 15 and blogging about the random things of the day – instead of posting those random things instantly on Twitter. will always be my "baby". I miss those days. lol. When blogging was for FUN. When we did it just to have something to do. Not to make money, etc. But now that "everyone" is blogging it doesn't seem as fun. Booo.

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    • sophistishe says:


      I was just on your Flickr account yesterday and I wondered what you were up to.

      To be a teen blogger again…

      To think, I was bored with it because there was always someone bickering about who stole whose layout. And whose fronting, putting on aires. Now, it's just a whole different story. Working on making it fun again…I mean it is but yea. I got issues I need to fix, lol.

      I'm so glad that I didn't lose contact with you :).

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      • crystal says:

        LMAOOO! OMG I so remember layout stealing days! I remember once person screen capped my layout once… WITH MY BLOG ON IT!!! And used it. Blogger still has my old entries from Loose Rap that I was reading the other day. My grammar was horrible and I talked so ghetto, which is extremely funny because I have never talked like that in person. The good ol' days!

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        • Sheena says:

          So I’m randomly going through posts and I wanted to comment on writing ghetto. I am so guilty of that! Typin’ lyke dis. Whut uP shAwtY! Glad those days are over, hahaha!!!

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  • I'm new to blogging & was worried about not getting any comments. I had wanted to blog for a couple of years but was intimidated by all the beautiful, well-written blogs. Finally, I just did it for me, and it surprises me when I get comments! Otherwise, if I don't, at least I got my thoughts out of my head for myself. I enjoy your blog & glad I found it thru a comment @ Chookooloonks :-) Also, I don't understand Twitter & am not interested in it. I'd rather sit down, write & read full blog writings w/full thoughts w/or w/out pictures. Keep up the good work!

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  • Shelly says:

    Understood! I still enjoy reading your blog and sure love that you visit mine. In my opinion, you always seem to have things worth saying and I don't find them Twitterish.

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  • You go, girl! Just be you and let it flow! I've really gotten lazy about my personal blog and I hadn't really connected it with being on other social media, but I think you've hit on something. I need to get back to writing about what I do, where we go, my family, my friends, my experiences. People keep asking when I'm going to catch up the blog. I guess it's time! Thanks for the push :) (No, Some Lucky Dog is not the personal blog of which I speak!)

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  • It totally get what you mean. LOL. I sometimes have to look back on twitter to figure out what I want to blog about for that day. Sometimes having the instant reactions is easier then having to sit down and write out a thought. In the end it's really about you and what works for you so dont worry about it to much :)

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  • Sky says:

    Time is of the essence…in contract with our children/family/obligations. It seems like there is just never enough…I get what you are saying. I often do the same with Facebook. It's just so easy to put it out there. Not edit, reread. Just be.

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