Udi’s Gluten Free Taste Test

udiscookies Let me preface by saying that I had received an assortment of Udi’s Gluten Free goods before deciding to go Paleo. So I didn’t “cheat”, but I still have 11 more months to get right.

I’ve spoken a bit about Jayden’s food sensitivities; wheat being one of them. He loves bread and it’s been a struggle trying to keep him from eating it. I purchased a gluten free tapioca bread as an alternative, but he refused to eat it due to its spongy texture and flavor. I don’t blame him. It was pretty bad. Just when I had given up on the gluten free bread search, I was invited to sample Udi’s Gluten Free Foods. It’s always best to try before you buy something new, so I accepted the sampling.

Udi’s sent over an assortment of their products; pizza crust, chocolate chip cookies, plain bagels, and sandwich breads. The sandwich breads were denser than their gluten-laden counterparts and are best toasted. We froze the pizza crust for later, and enjoyed the bagels and chocolate chip cookies. Jayden loved the bagels toasted and didn’t seem to notice the difference. The bagels are surprisingly soft/fluffy in texture (kind of spongy), not dense as I expected. I reserved the chocolate chip cookies for myself since they contain eggs and milk… both no no’s on Jayden’s list, milk especially. He did have a couple and tried to con me out of more. The bagels contain eggs too, but I figure if he won’t give up bread just yet, it may as well be gluten free… until I can figure out how to bake a bread 100% allergen free that he will actually eat. It’s a hard knock life.

Since giving up traditional bread is going to be hard for me too, I think I will “cheat” with Udi’s to avoid the gluten at least. I love me some bagels. The line of products do have a slight aftertaste to them, but are barely noticeable when they are eaten with a jams and sauces. The cookies are too good to even complain.


I usually have to shop at another grocer for my allergy-free/specialty goods, but I am surprised to see that Walmart carries Udi’s in their bakery. For a list of Walmart stores that carry Udi’s, check out the store listings page.


Have you tried Udi’s? What are your thoughts?

Disclosing: Udi’s provided me with samples of their products as well as compensation for taking the time to share my experience.

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