Jayden: 19 Weeks + Ultrasound

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Head & Chest

After calling all over town trying to get an appointment before Christmas, we were able to make an appointment for December 12th 2007. We had to reschedule to the 14th because the ultrasound technician was sick on the 12th. On the 14th we had to reschedule (again) to the 17th because the ultrasound machine was broken! Mommy was *this* close to blowing smoke out of her ears!

We made it in and out of the doctor on the 17th with no problems, THANKFULLY. The ultrasound process took about 20 minutes and the ultrasound tech showed us many details of our bundle of joy, even it’s heartbeat! Daddy could not stop holding Mommy’s hand, nor could he take his eyes off of the ultrasound monitor that revealed the beautiful creation Mommy and he conceived together. It was hard to tell how far along Mommy was because when she discontinued the depo shots in April, her menstrual cycle stopped completely. Since we couldn’t give them any dates, the ultrasound tech assumed she was only in her 1st trimester. Typically women in their 1st trimester have a vaginal ultrasound done. Mommy was not looking forward to that! Thank goodness she shaved! This is when Daddy offered to hold her hand, lol. As soon as the ultrasound tech went in she had a surprise, the baby’s head! She exclaimed Ooo you’re further along than I thought! I thought you were still in your 1st trimester, we don’t need this! Immediately after rolling over Mommy’s belly, she told us that Mommy was 19 weeks, 4 days pregnant, due May 8th 2008 and that she could tell the gender. She asked if we wanted to know; of course we did, we need to start shopping! She showed us a BLATANT little weenie. We’re having a boy, his name is Boogie, he weighs 12 oz, and he enjoys laying upside down! Visit the flickr set for Boogie’s ultrasound photos!

Next was the visit with the doctor. We had to come back a few hours later because he had to run to surgery. We didn’t have a problem since we had already gone through the “moment of truth”. The doctor had been going all day long, missing lunch, and the lobby had become crowded. We asked him a few questions, grabbed our prescription for prenatals and scheduled another visit for January 2nd. On the 2nd, we’ll get more ultrasound pictures of Boogie’s heart and spine. He was curled up during the 1st ultrasound so it was hard to get in there. Before we could walk out of the examining room a nurse alerted the doctor that a lady’s water had broken, her socks and shoes were soaked, and she was driving to the hospital. Hopefully the doctor got to eat dinner!

After the visit with the doctor, Daddy joked that he wasn’t going to tell anyone at his job about the pregnancy until the day Mommy goes into labor. Almost immediately after that moment, we walked out into the lobby area, and who else in the world to be sitting in there than one of Daddy’s fellow co-workers. Talk about irony, huh? Well that just threw his whole plan out the window! The secrets out…for BOTH of them!

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  • Reply December 20, 2007


    Sheena, Oh my gosh I am so excited for you guys!!!!! And its a boy!! Whoo Hooo!!! You and I are a month apart and both having boys. Check out Target’s clearance rack. They have the cutest maternity clothes at 50-75% off! I will be sure to bookmark your baby blog to keep up. Congrats again!

  • Reply December 20, 2007


    Oh how exciting! The first ultrasound is always so unreal yet an undeniably wonderful experience. Almost like it’s not quite real until you see the life growing inside of you.

  • Reply December 19, 2007


    How exciting! My goodness, almost halfway into your pregnancy, that’s incredible! Congrats again!

    And I like Boogie, it is my godson’s name.

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