8 Affordable & Fun Gift Ideas for Your Man on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day + Men = UGH!!! Why are they so difficult to shop for? You don’t want to get them something mushy like a stuffed animal, forget the flowers, and what about chocolate? Come on, now… we all know that if we get them chocolate that we are the ones who end up eating it. So, I figured I’d round up some fun, affordable and fresh new ideas for your dude this hearts day!

1.) Good Guy or Bad Guy?: Maybe he’s both? ;) These are a perfect gift for most men, I mean who doesn’t love Transformers?

transformer-autobot-novelty-cufflinks-155721Decepticon Cufflinks, $15.99
Decepticon Cufflinks, $15.99

2.) Is he Hood?: This adorable, I mean, super cool hoodie for his phone is a neato gift!

Phone Hoodie, $15.99

3.) Sweet Treats: What’s better than your fav candy? THIS. This totally rad candy dish is thee candy dish to top all others. I think I need one myself. Fill it with his fav treat and he’s sure to love it.

Zip Candy Dish, $16.50

4.) Mean Muggin': What real man uses a regular coffee cup? I mean, when there are options like this out there… who would? He can feed his face and guzzle down coffee like a champ with this mug.

Face Mug, $18

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