Week of Six Five Eleven Through the Lens

I’m trying to be a good mom by picking up my camera more… and actually getting the photos edited and uploaded. So, here are some from this week. An archive from the month can be found here. I must say that I’m falling in love with my camera again :).

004 copy



Clean Dishes


123 copy



Oh, are you on Pinterest? I cannot count the ways in which the site has inspired me to just LIVE.

Thank you for visiting and supporting Sophistishe!


  • PS: aside from your busy schedule, you ever considered modeling? LOL! You are GOR-GEE-OUS!! :0)

    • Sheena says:

      Awww thank you!!! Honestly, yes. As a teen, I wanted to model for Alloy or Delia’s. I even had a few photographers in Chicago who wanted to photograph me, but it just creeped me out. One wanted to do a sexy secretary shoot and I wasn’t havin’ it! I am still considering, though. My mom modeled for Montgomery Ward’s Wendy Ward back in the day :).

  • Hi, Sheena – I’m following you on Google Reader & just wanted to say how it made my day opening the reader and seeing this big boy/handsome young man smiling @ me. He is just TOO CUTE. You are a good mama – that’s what keeps me coming back to your site – you sharing your cute little life! Thanks for inspiring me! :-)

  • Gorgeous photos!! Miss you mama! You going to EVO?

  • Lori A. says:

    Loooooooove all the pictures!

  • laura says:

    love, love, love pinterest!!! great photos

  • Shelly says:

    Wow, what fantastic photos! Jayden looks so much older and boy oh boy is he handsome! I LOVE your last photograph. I would love to know what brand/color lipcolor you have on. You look amazing but this is not surprising :)

    • Sheena says:

      I know, right? From time to time, he makes a face or a sound that reminds me of the baby days. *sigh*

      Awww thanks :). Mark glow baby glow gloss. If not that, Carmex, Maybelline Beaming Berry (just a few dabs) and some clear gloss (Lancome or E.L.F.) on top.

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