Wet Wrap Therapy Update: He Doesn’t Need It

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In this post, I was all gung-ho about trying wet wrap therapy on Jayden’s skin. Well…he doesn’t need it. We tried one night and he only stayed in his footie pjs for about 20 minutes before taking them off. He then, air dried in his thin thermal pjs and changed into a new pair.

Anyway, his skin has been improving DRASTICALLY since I’ve started rubbing chickweed extract on his skin! I mix it in his Un-petroleum Jelly and confession…Aquaphor. If Un-petroleum Jelly was sold in a large jar, I’d dump Aquaphor cold turkey. Since mixing chickweed in with the “jellies”, the itching has been relieved, dry patches are minimal, and his skin tone is lightening up.

He’s been soaking in the tub every two days or so. We add a little olive oil to the water. Yes, it makes the tub slippery, which is why we sit in the bathroom with him. The baths have been beneficial to the softening on his skin. I can see why some people decide to limit baths because the constant exposure to water may dry out the skin. But if you have proper emollients on hand, there shouldn’t be a problem. Emollients work much better on wet skin.

eczema progress
Will probably wrap problem areas in gauze.

At this point, it isn’t a matter of what products to use because I’ve concocted gold. The secret’s in the chickweed. He will continue taking his probiotic vitamin and cod liver oil whether they helped alleviate his Eczema or not. We will also drop chickweed tea bags in his baths. We tried ordering chickweed tea TWICE from two different sellers and it was out of stock. There’s a long ridiculous story behind trying to order from the second seller. I’ve decided to cut the drama by starting an organic chickweed garden of my own since it’s pretty easy to grow. Sometimes you just have to do things on your own…

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