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Wooden Gifts That Say I Love You

It’s so rare that Greg and I do things for ourselves, buy things for ourselves, even review things for ourselves. When I say ourselves, I mean as in the both of us as a couple, not individually – although we have put ourselves on the backburners as individuals too.

I had the opportunity to choose gifts from Novica and Dakota’s Gifts. Novica, in partnership with National Geographic, specializes in fair trade home decor, jewelry, and corporate gifts. Dakota’s Gifts specializes in personalized gifts from albums to cutting boards. From Novica, I chose the Don’t Let Go wooden sculpture carved by Indonesian artist, Wayan Mustika. It totally reminded me of Greg and I. Back-hugging is routine in our relationship. This sculpture represents us so well.

From Dakota’s Gifts, I chose the Just the Two of Us Wood Picture Frame to frame one of our current photos. I just love it. It’s engraved with hearts personalized with our names. It reminds me of a frame Greg gave me for my 16th birthday. It’s engraved with two stick figures holding hands with the word “together” underneath. Inside is a photo we took together at a skating rink. So now we have another frame to sit down beside it. I see a future in collecting frames :).

Lovey Stuff

Don't Let Go

We are pleased with our wooden gifts of love. They add the perfect touch to our mini “us” shrine. As the holidays approach, consider Novica and Dakota’s Gifts for classy, meaningful gifts to warm the hearts of your loved ones.

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