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That looked like so much fun! Her dress and hair …

Comment on Akilah is Two at Chuck E. Cheese’s! by Eva.

That looked like so much fun! Her dress and hair were fabulous. Great photos too!

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Nursery Design Trends In 2017
Nurseries have REALLY changed. My oldest is 17, and I didn’t do all of this. There was a crib, dresser turned changing table, and a diaper genie. That was it. LOL!

A Closer Look at Cody, Our Code-a-Pillar
That is amazing! These kids will be so far past us in just a few years… love the video :)


Celebrating Kindness With The Ubuntu Awards
This is an awesome award! It is definitely a breath of fresh air considering what people are glorifying these days. Nice to see human kindness take center stage.

Mornings With Baby Akilah
What a sweet routine! Mine isn’t nearly thay calm anymore with all of them being big now. I miss my tiny ones…

Mija Style: Ankara Sundress
The model and the jumper dress are adorable! I used to have so much fun dressing up my little one. Now she’s all into dressing herself… *sigh*

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