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She’s a beauty, but I did notice her unique nose. …

Comment on Akilah’s Nose: What is Frontonasal Dysplasia/Median Cleft Face? by Sophia @ NYFoodgasm.

She’s a beauty, but I did notice her unique nose. I’m so glad it’s not a serious issue. You’re so very lucky and thanks for sharing your struggle with us. In this world where everything has to be perfect, it’s good to know it’s really not as control is just an illusion.

Thanks for sharing and for letting us so deeply into your life. It’s a privilege.

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This sounds sooooo good! Creamy and spicy- LOVE it!!


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OMG this is AMAZING!!! Sooo adorable! Especially for a kids room!

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OMG congrats!! You look absolutely AMAZING!!! Love the dress too!

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LOVE the new look on the site, it’s beautiful! This craft is soooo pretty yet, easy! LOVE it! Great idea for a rustic and elegant look!

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Definitely pinning these, I am OBSESSED with biscoff cookies! I love trader joe’s speculoos. Did you ever have them? Yummmmmm! Beautiful too! Then BACON totally over the top- just how I like it!

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