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I loved this post Sheena. You’ve grown and it’s evident. …

Comment on Akilah’s Nose: What is Frontonasal Dysplasia/Median Cleft Face? by Drea.

I loved this post Sheena. You’ve grown and it’s evident. Akilah was a gift and I totally believe we grow in such amazing ways with each one God gives us. Looking forward to following her journey. She is just a doll!

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Jaxon Marley’s Birth Story
I love how you wrote that HAHA, so funny!! could so picture it. Btw if Jayden was in the room with me in labor with Reed, he would of cried. I was standing at one point totally naked because I kept getting a charlie horse in my leg during the pushing. I cursed countless times (and im a pastors wife, this shouldnt happen lol) – and the final pushing with Reed I seriously screamed so loud I thought my neck veins would explode LOL, it scared the heck out of Travis.

:) … but I did labor very quietly ;-) – it was just the last hour or so of horrid pushing due to that triple cord deal. Bleh! glad its done with and I really dont want to do it again ;-)


You look beautiful btw.
and I love his name.

Baby Notes: 21 Weeks & It’s a…
Howwww exciting. From someone who has all boys…. I just have to say you will love jayden having a brother so close, ;)

ok how did i miss this post?! love it! And I love that dress. Where did you get it?

To The Strawberry Field
yum yum!! you know Travis’ dad is a strawberry farmer right? :) – he has dozens of acres of them. Sells to the local schools and stuff. The best strawberries around – I miss not being close enough to go pick there.

Your bump is cute btw :)

10 Baby Items We Really Didn’t Need
great list. Although diapers pails are a must if you cloth diaper ;-) – but I agree with disposables its not needed.

Taite lived in a packnplay too btw. We moved 2 mo after he was born – so he slept in a living room until abt 6 mo… and after that he just stayed in the packnplay until 16 mo or so- then moved into a normal twin sized bed. Owen did get crib bedding this time :) – but I think the new baby will just use the packnplay. Since Owen shows no signs of wanting to use a big bed :) and i never ever warm a bottle! :)

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