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Thanks for sharing your truth. Akilah is adorable and lucky …

Comment on Akilah’s Nose: What is Frontonasal Dysplasia/Median Cleft Face? by Mimi Green.

Thanks for sharing your truth. Akilah is adorable and lucky to have such great parents.

Thanks for educating me on this topic.

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A New Season For Family Time
Your little ones are so cute. We were going to do a post-Easter Egg Hunt with the kids but the weather got funky on us. I still plan to do one for them this month. hahahahaha Like you said it doesn’t matter how you make memories with the family just make them.


The Tatums Go To Disney: A Photo Book Made Just For Us
I love Shutterfly, I’ve slacked all the way off. I used to make my son one every year. It was a year in review.

Nursery Design Trends In 2017
My baby turns 5this week and nursery was on trend for this year. I went with gray walls, white furniture and bold hot pink and vibrant yellow for accents. It is more toddler these days but has the same theme.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Bloggers
All of these are great gifts that keep on giving. I have photography items on my list for sure. I need to thing bigger. lol

She Likes to Eat & Make Messes, Too
I so understand the stress of cleaning up a baby mess. They seem to have the best throwing distance ever. hahahaha They do make for really great pictures though. Both of my babies ate Gerber cereals, they were easy and they loved them.

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