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Wow, I was just informed that my daughter was diagnosed …

Comment on Akilah’s Nose: What is Frontonasal Dysplasia/Median Cleft Face? by Candice.

Wow, I was just informed that my daughter was diagnosed with the same thing. I’m still learning about it because I haven’t had the chance to talk back to genetics… they take so long to get back with me. At first I was a little bothered but now I’m gaining a little more understanding about it yet still have so many questions. My baby is now 11 months old and she is beautiful as will as your baby. She is reaching milestones and the condition didn’t seem to affect her brain. I believe she will have a normal life. This really helps and inspires me. Thank your for sharing your story. I would like to reach out to you personally if I may about some questions I have. Only if That is possible. Thank you!

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