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Although we love the thought of this, we couldn’t justify …

Comment on 3 Snaps For Blue Apron Meal Delivery by Wendy Polisi.

Although we love the thought of this, we couldn’t justify buying it. The cost of it was more than the ingredients we could buy ourselves so we had to quit.

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Mini Style: Playtime After Dusk
Man I would have loved those when I was a kid. They look really cool!

Managing Common Baby Messes + Pampers & Meijer Giveaway
I am okay with free detergent! And those diapers will go a long way for someone.


Snacking On The Road + An Organizing Hack
I had to giggle about your little one asking for snacks. My kids are the same way. That is one brilliant way to carry snacks in the car! Much more organized than our plastic sacks! ha!

DIY Diaper Wreath
What a wonderful gift for a shower. It is so cute!

Look Who’s Walking!
We love this brand! They’re offer great stability and comfort to the new little walker!

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