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This garlic chicken recipe looks so good and hearty. …

Comment on Baked Brown Sugar And Garlic Chicken by Toughcookiemommy.

This garlic chicken recipe looks so good and hearty. I prefer chicken over other meats so I know that I would really enjoy this recipe.

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Golden Tote Got It Right!
The printed dress is so beautiful and really looks great on you. All of these outfits just look amazing on you and are perfect for a variety of occasions.

Preschooling Through Walt Disney World
You are right, I think it is important to bring kids to go on vacations like this one when they are old enough to enjoy it. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.


A Closer Look at Cody, Our Code-a-Pillar
This is a great way for kids to experiment with coding and technology from an early age. Not to mention how cute Code a Pillar is!

DIY Disney Stroller Sign & Autograph Books + Printables
This is such a cute and creative idea. I love that it also exposes the kids to reading and writing as well as letter recognition. That’s the reading teacher in me shining through.

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