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Cooper Tires Summer Driving Event

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When it comes to your vehicle, especially your tires, you can never be too careful or too conscious about the upkeep it requires to keep it in good running condition so you and your family can travel safely. Tire maintenance is one of the most important components to keeping a well maintained vehicle, aside from engine health, that is.

At Cooper Tires, they understand the need for great tires year ’round and put the utmost importance on and have made it their mission to meet the needs of their customers with affordable, quality tires that meet your budget needs. They’re an American company that specializes in design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of replacement automobile and truck tires. They’ve made it their business to really know their stuff!


If you have some serious driving to do this summer, and most folks do since summer vacation is upon us and your family has undoubtedly planned every minute of the break to be on-the-go, then it couldn’t be more important that you go in for a change of fresh tires. There’s no better time than now, during the summer season, to head over to Cooper Tires because right now they’re offering some great summer time deals for their customers on select tires during their Cooper Tire Summer Drive Event.


Through July 15th all Cooper Tires customers are eligible to win a prepaid Visa gift card for $70 when they purchase any set of qualifying Cooper Tires through participating dealers. If that isn’t just an extra incentive to making sure your tires are fit for all the road you’ll be covering this summer then I don’t know what is. How could your next trip into Cooper Tires get any better than being able to potentially earn $70 extra dollars for your summer? Well, if you consider the premium 65.000 mile treadwear protection warranty and their 45 day road test guarantee, it’s easy to see how choosing Cooper Tires is the easier and best decision you’ll make for your car this summer season.


As seasoned vehicle owners, we know how important it is to make sure we change our tires regularly to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. Not only do we need to change our tires to ensure our safety, but doing so also helps boosts our gas mileage, improves traction on the road and makes for an overall better driving experience during the course of our travels. We’ve been pretty active this summer already and we actually replaced our tires last month before embarking on our summer adventures.

Cooper Tires

Right now, at Cooper Tires, the following best in class tires are going fast with families who are looking to hit the road this summer!

  • The Discoverer SRX: a dedicated SUV and CUV Tire that is designed to provide dependable all-season highway traction, superior handling and a quiet, comfortable ride for a wide range of SUV’s and CUV’s.
  • Discoverer STT Pro: is Coopers most advanced, extreme tire. It provides exceptional traction and performance in some of the harshest terrains.
  • Discoverer A/T3: Ideal for light trucks and sport utility vehicles, the A/T3 provides high quality performance on nearly every terrain. The A/T3 delivers premium on-road and off-road performance you expect from an all terrain tire. 

Don’t hesitate to stop by your local Cooper Tires to check out their offering so you can get your vehicle outfitted with the best Cooper has to offer (Dealer Locator). July 15th is creeping up on us so act fast before the deal ends!

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