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Spending the Holidays With a House Full of Family

Earlier this month I shared my favorite holiday tradition. And that’s spending Christmas day with a house full of my mother’s side of the family. There’s no amount of snow, gifts, or holiday decor that can trump that. Our recent trip to NY earlier this month gave me a taste of that. Everyone wasn’t there, but it sure was a housefull there to celebrate the week of my uncle’s birthday. One of those days, my aunts (and great cousin) decided to cook up some gumbo and cakes. We had dinner at the table and my aunts and uncles gave my uncle gifts that represented memories they had of him… from baseball ringtones, to bats and rocks, plush chiuauas, toy cars, and DJ shirts. It was a delight watching his eyes light up as he received those gifts and listening to my family’s old stories. That day happened to be my birthday and it was the best birthday I’ve ever had… celebrating family. I can’t wait to get back together again.


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

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