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Identity Theft Hits Home. #Win A Fellowes Paper Shredder.


Winner: Susan Randle

So how many of you have yet to do your taxes? Raise your hands. Let everybody see you. Shame on you!

Just kidding. Greg actually completed our taxes last night, so we were tardy to the tax party too.


The folks at Fellowes provided me with some tips to prevent identity theft during tax season. Check them out and continue reading to find out why I had to shred my Paypal debit card. There may be an awesome giveaway waiting for you too :).

Prevent Identity Theft During Tax Season

  • Update personal computers with firewalls and security software, including antivirus programs.
  • Send tax returns from a locked mailbox/post office to ensure thieves cannot get to it before the postal service.
  • If sending in tax forms via post mail, make sure all forms, identification documents and enclosed checks are not visible from the outside. Try wrapping everything in an extra sheet of paper to disguise its contents.
  • Keep tax paperwork and other documents in a safe and accessible place, such as a fireproof box.
  • After filing taxes, shred any backup documents with a Cross-Cut paper shredder, like Fellowes’ DS-1200Cs, which is essential because it shreds a single sheet of paper into hundreds of tiny particles to ensure confidential information is destroyed beyond recognition.

Totally unrelated to taxes, but identity theft… On Monday, we were informed by Paypal that someone in Alabama was going buck wild using our Paypal debit card info! We were able to report the transactions as fraud and file for a new card. We have never experienced such a thing and never thought something like this would happen to us…because we are super careful. But there have been reports in the area of people hacking the ATMs for credit/debit info. There was little we could do in this case. And it couldn’t have happened at a “better” time…while funds were low. We were able to recover from a scary situation and all is well now. It’s kind of sad though. Just how protected are we when we purchase and pay for things electronically? Sigh.

Since our, then current, debit card was pretty much useless, I took it upon myself to shred it using the Fellowes DS-1200Cs shredder Fellowes sent me. Timely, huh?

The first feature that stood out to me was the SafeSense technology sensor (the chrome strip), which stops the shredder immediately when hands or large pets come too close to the paper opening. Having a toddler in the house, this is very important to me. We keep the shredder on the workstation in our office, unplugged. The power switch is located on the back of the shredder, which is also a plus. As for shredding capabilities, this particular shredder uses a cross-cut technology, which destroys a single piece of paper into 399 particles. Aside from paper and credit cards, it also has the ability to shred staples! The shredder has a four gallon pull-out bin that easily slides out for disposing. Four gallons? That’s alot of paper and plastic! The DS-1200Cs is also able to shred continuously for five minutes straight without having to cool down. If you’ve watched the video, you’ll see that it’s kind of loud, but I’ve never heard of a quiet paper shredder. You can pick of this incredible shredder at Office Depot for $99.99 or enter to win one!


Win a Fellowes DS-1200Cs Shredder!

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