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Girl, I always learn so much when I visit! I …

Comment on Let’s Talk About Organic & Local Produce by Sheliza.

Girl, I always learn so much when I visit! I have been purchasing a great bit of organic produce lately. I am also very lucky that my father-in-law is a part of a co-op that takes produce from all local growers and packs up a box full for only $10 a month. Of course you sometimes get not so great stuff sometimes but overall it is a great deal and it is FREE for me! Another awesome thing is my neighbors are always sharing their homegrown tomatoes, eggplant, squash and bell peppers. Not bad huh?

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Redesigning Makes Me Happy + OCD
Cute layout!

Cute pictures girl! You look beautiful fresh-faced and of course that is not surprising to me! I look my best when I just wash my face in the morning. I just don’t know if I am brave enough to take a photo of myself :-)


Nails to the Yeah!: Pink & Nude Manicure
Oh my goodness! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So fancy! I need to get my nail lacquer game up!

So about that Mirena…
I tell you what, all birth control methods are not a one size fits all deal. Glad you came off of it and hope your body can go back to normal. I actually go off the patch for a few months every other year to let my body breathe. Then again, that is sort of how Willie came about ;-)

Tutorial: Halloween Grungy Tombstone Nails
Wow! That is so cool and you always amaze me with all the neat stuff you do! :)

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