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Try to clean up the mess as soon as it …

Comment on Managing Common Baby Messes + Pampers & Meijer Giveaway by Kathy Persons.

Try to clean up the mess as soon as it happens with wipes or just plain soap and water

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Homeopathic Poison Ivy Relief With Tecnu
I have never had poison ivy but my nephews went into the woods in WV and used it to wipe with Nasty!!!!!!!!!

Comfy Joey Custom Ring Slings
I never found one that was comfortable for me but this one looks great. What a cute lookin little guy


Swamp Smoothie: Broccoli Avocado Apple Banana
Broccoli and cheese, or sometimes I put it in my lasagna

Potato Broccoli Soup
Steamed with cheese

Staying Warm: Lands’ End Cire Down Parka
Classic navy or Black

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