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This looks like the perfect thing I need this summer …

Comment on Natural Home: Eliminating Summer Flies The Eco Way by Elizabeth O.

This looks like the perfect thing I need this summer for those annoying bugs. I love the simple design and light too.

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6 Questions to Ask Your Kids When They Come Home From School (Printable)
Those are pretty good questions to ask the kids. They don’t like the feeling of being asked too many questions, it’s like we’re imposing too much. Awesome snack idea as well!

Baby Natural Hair: Wash Day With Born Curly
She’s so adorable! I love her curly hair and I’m glad that there are hair care products that are just right for her, especially since their bodies are a little more sensitive compared to ours! I also like the way you style her hair afterwards. She’s such a cutie pie, especially when she smiles!


How to Save Time on Dinner During Busy Weeknights
I like planning my meals so that I’ll have more time to prepare dinner because I already know what I’m cooking for that day. Aside from that little hacks and tricks won’t hurt! I would love to try that brand of mashed potatoes! It looks great!

On Teething and the Pangs of Motherhood
I wish I had this product when the twins were younger! It would have been a lot of help when they were teething. I think it’s awesome that you have this, teething can be terrible for kids!

Delicate Jewelry Suits Me Fine
You definitely can’t go wrong with accessories! Especially with accessories like these! I love that wishbone necklace it’s adorable!

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