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I really thought that bladder leaks wouldn’t effect me after …

Comment on 3 Postpartum Body Changes That I Wasn’t Prepared For… Including Bladder Leaks by Janell Poulette.

I really thought that bladder leaks wouldn’t effect me after I had kids but boy was i wrong! I was jumping on a trampoline one day and had an unpleasant surprise! I need to get some of these Always Discreet pads to help!

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Organizing Tips For a Smooth Back to School Season
I am going to literally being doing this because both of my kids start school this year and I am going to need something to keep us organized. i just got a dry erase board for the fridge and i need to do the drawer with the socks and diapers….great idea!

A New Season For Family Time
You have such a beautiful family! Making memories is so important, you really have to capture any moment you can get. It’s hard to balance work and family life, but sometimes you just have to put down the phone and close the laptop and sit down play with your kids. Take a million photos, even if it seems like they aren’t doing anything.


25 Gift Ideas That Globetrotters Will Love
The water bottle and the polaroid are 2 things id love to have on this list! I love to travel and these are great must-have’s that i will keep in mind when traveling!

How to Make Extra Money with Your Blog for the Holidays
These are really great tips for more traffic on your blog. I am looking to have some extra cash for Christmas presents so I can ease off the credit cards. Definitely giving some of these tips a shot.

Fever Monitoring With TempTraq
This looks like a lifesaver! It would be so much easier to track their temperature at night instead of waking up wondering if they’re ok. My sons name is Jaxon also :)

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