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Reducing Waste In The Kitchen With Food Storage Options From Ziploc


I consider ourselves a pretty resourceful family, but there’s always room for improvement. While we try to reduce our waste, we still produce quite a bit of trash. Inspired by the Ziploc Fresh 180 program, we recently got back to our recycling efforts (after a bit of a slump!), and immediately we’ve started to reduced our trash.

We reduce waste in other ways, too, like storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, especially during the warmer months. Produce tends to ripen and go bad pretty quickly in warmer temps. I love displaying our fruits in baskets, but refrain from doing so during spring and summer.

To also combat waste, we store leftovers in tight-sealed containers to maximize freshness. We are serious about our leftovers. Having to throw away food is devastating. We’re loving the Ziploc® brand VersaGlass® Containers. They are made from tempered glass, so they are microwave, oven (up to 400°F, without lid), and freezer safe. It’s great to be able to reheat leftovers straight from the fridge.


We also use leftovers in other meals. I often save chicken bones and the last few pieces of chicken to use in chicken soup. To switch things up a bit, I’m going to start packing some leftovers in Jayden’s lunch. He loves soups, rice, and corn, so he’ll be excited to find those meal options in his insulated lunch bag.

Along with Ziploc® brand VersaGlass® Containers, we’re also loving Ziploc® brand’s Compostable Sandwich and Food Bags. They are great for packing snacks in my purse/diaper bag and keeping beauty products and toiletries from spilling while traveling. I feel better using the Compostable Sandwich Bags since I know that they’ll break up and reduce landfill waste.

These are just a few ways we are going garbage free. What tips do you have for eliminating waste in the kitchen?

Enjoy These Leftover Recipes!

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  • Reply Naomi

    I was eyeing these in the grocery store the other day… I’d love to replace all the plastic in my drawers.

    View Comment June 19, 2014 at 10:32 PM
  • Reply Shelly

    OOOhhhh, I like these! I actually plan to recycle my current containers and buy all new ones. I need to price these in the store. Thanks for sharing.

    View Comment June 16, 2014 at 8:20 AM
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